"Als Kind ist jeder ein Künstler.

Die Schwierigkeit liegt darin,

als Erwachsener einer zu bleiben."

(Pablo Picasso)

Harvest 2022 - start at the winery Ecker-Eckhof

Sunshine followed rain...

In the last few days of sunshine and some quite rainy weeks, our grapes were able to increase their ripeness and growth properly and so the time has come and we start with this year's harvest.

This week's programme: Gemischter Satz, Sauvignon Blanc, Gelber Muskateller, Burgunder von Eckhof and Roter Veltliner Wagram.

The quality is excellent across the board and we are already excited to see how the musts will develop - the fruity fermentation smells are already promising! :)

Here's to a successful harvest in 2022!