"Als Kind ist jeder ein Künstler.

Die Schwierigkeit liegt darin,

als Erwachsener einer zu bleiben."

(Pablo Picasso)

The wine year 2020

According to Willi Klinger, managing director of Wein & Co and former chairman of the ÖWM, the 2020 vintage can be described as a beautiful, fresh, typical, cool-climate Austrian vintage.

After a more "normally" timed bud break, late frost damage was avoided almost entirely despite a few critical nights. Flowering took place around two weeks later than in 2019, and the sunny April ensured that the vines developed quickly. We had almost ideal weather until autumn, with very moderate summer temperatures and plenty of rainfall. Throughout Austria, the hours of sunshine in September were even 15% above the average, but in rainy October, the risk of rot and fungal diseases was high. Through meticulous grape selection, we were able to ensure that only healthy, ripe fruit went into the press. The high quality we brought in despite this year's many challenges gives us hope for wines as stunning as in 2019, one of our best vintages on record.

The harvest 2020 began later than in previous years and was somewhat lower in quantity. Nevertheless, we began on September 22nd with excellent harvesting conditions and perfectly ripe grapes for our first wine, the Gemischter Satz.